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Nabiollah Ramezani
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Workplace Address (1) : University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran
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PhD:   Electrical Engineering, Power-   Iran University of Science & Technology(IUST), Iran

MSc:   Electrical Engineering, Power-   Iran University of Science & Technology(IUST), Iran

BSc:  Electrical Engineering, Power- K.N. Toosi, Iran


Teaching Experience

Graduate Program:
                              Advanced Protection Systems
                              Power System Transients
Undergraduate Program:
                              Power System Analysis
                              Relay & Protection
                              Circuit Theory 1, 2


Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Group, Power,

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Science and Technology of Mazandaran, P.O.Box 48518-78195, Behshahr, IRAN

Tel: +98 (11) 34552018, Fax: +98 (11) 34552008

Executive Experience
Research Projects

  • Power System Studies
  • Power System Transients
  • Power System Protection


1-A Complete Procedure to Determine Earth Fault Current Distribution and Split Factor for Grounding Grid Design of HV Substations-Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction B: Engineering (ISI Journal)-Shiraz -2008

2- Computation of the Split Factor of Earth Fault Currents with Considering the Proximity Effects-Submitted to Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction B: Engineering (ISI Journal)-Shiraz - 2010

3- An Accurate Method to Calculate Transient Behavior of Grounding Systems Using Inverse Laplace Transform- JZUS-Transaction A- 2010

4-Placement of DGs in Distribution Network with Considering Protection Coordination Limits- MJEM-2015

5- Evaluation of the corona phenomenon and grounding system impact on the lightning waves propagation by using EMTP-RV, International Journal of Mechatronics, Electrical and Computer Technology (IJMEC), 2015.

6- The Influences of Soil Ionization in the Grounding System and Corona Phenomena on the Injection Lightning Current of 1000 kV UHV Transmission Line, International Academic Journal of Science and Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 9, 2016.

7. Back- flashover Investigation of HV Transmission Lines Using Transient Modeling of the Grounding Systems, Iranian Journal of Electrical & ElectronicEngineering, Vol. 12, No. 3, Sep. 2016.

8-The Effect of of Load Frequency Controller on Load Pickup During Restoration- International Power and Energy Conference (PECon) – Malaysia-2006

9- A Novel Method to Determine Earth Fault Split Factor for Grounding Gride Design of HV Substation- International Conference on Power System Technology (PowerCon) –China -2006

10- A New Approach to Calculate Frequency Dependent Impedance of Grounding Electrodes- International Conference MS'07- India-2007 
11- Design and Implementation of an Adaptive High Impedance Fault Relay - International Power Engineering Conference (IPEC) – Singapore-2007
12- An Electromagnetic Procedure for Calculation of Transient Behavior of Grounding Electrodes- International Conference MS'08- Spain-2008 
13- A New Approach to Compute Transient Behavior of Grounding Electrodes in Time-Domain- IEEE Power India Conference (PowerCon 2008)-New Delhi

14- Transient modeling of transmission lines components with respect to corona phenomenon and grounding system to reduce the transient voltages caused by lightning impulse- 2nd International Conference on Knowledge-Based Engineering and Innovation (KBEI) - IEEE 20015

15-Evaluation and accurate prediction of Lightning Induced over- voltages effects on complex power distribution networks-2nd International Conference on Research in Science and Technology- 2016- Istanbul-Turkey.

16. Current Transformers’ Saturation Detection and Compensation Based on Instantaneous Flux Density Calculations, Automatika ‒ Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications, 2016.

17. Optimal Distributed Generation Planning in Radial Distribution Networks Considering Protection Coordination Limits, Iranian Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 2018.

18. Effects of high frequency modeling & grounding system parameters on transient recovery voltage across vacuum circuit breakers for capacitor switching in wind power plants, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2019.

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